Designing Culottes for the Wardrobe by Me Hera

Last week I decided it was time to tackle a hurdle – pattern drafting. I worked with an existing pattern, the free Wardrobe by Me Hera pattern, and designed a pair of culottes to create a jumpsuit.

How many of you have heard about and already signed up for the Hera pattern? If you haven’t, here you go.

This is the original Hera with peplum and flutter sleeves:


And this is my version of the Hera with culottes:

WBM hack5

Until last week I had not even come close to designing a pattern. So, why did I want to do it now?

Christina Albeck asked me and a group of bloggers to be creative with the Hera we tested in May as part of the summer blouse collection. Right away, I searched Pinterest for ideas and found a jumpsuit with a cross-over blouse and a pair of high-waist culottes. The only problem: WBM doesn’t have a pair of culottes.

In order to create my own, I used the WBM’s Asta skirt in my size and successfully made a crotch after several failed attempts and some expert advice from Christina. After that, I made the blouse and sewed the culottes on in place of the peplum.

I love how well they turned out! With a few tweaks like a waistband and an invisible zipper, I can wear these culottes anywhere.

WBM hack.jpg

WBM hack4

WBM hack2

Visit the Wardrobe by Me Pattern Support group on Facebook to get the add-on sleeve.

Thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “Designing Culottes for the Wardrobe by Me Hera

  1. Love your creativity. This outfit looks very nice, maybe make a tutorial on how you made your pants. nice job.


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